Battle of the Brains

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A Quick Update on Smarter Commerce from the IBM Technology Showcase in Warsaw, Poland

May 16th, 2012

Recently, we welcomed podcast guest Craig Hayman to introduce students to the Smarter Commerce concept and how it will impact the future of the IT industry.  Now, students at the Battle of the Brains in Warsaw, Poland, are seeing it first hand  at the ACM ICPC 2012 technology showcase courtesy of IBM, featuring some of IBM's most innovative projects.

Students also had an opportunity to talk with early career programmers such as Anthony Blatner, senior e-commerce consultant for IBM.  We stole a minute with Anthony to explain his Smarter Commerce demo and fill us in on how he's liking Warsaw so far.


To learn more about IBM’s Smarter Commerce initiative, check out the IBM Smarter Commerce blog and twitter handle @IBMSmrtCommerce.

Tomorrow is the big day, World Finals 2012!  Keep an eye on our #ICPC2012 hashtag to get live updates, pictures, videos, and more from the contest floor.  Good luck to all of the teams!