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Entries from February 2009

IBMer Adam Gashlin Reflects on 2007 World Finals Experience

February 26th, 2009 · Comments

IBM special guest host, Jim Angstadt, sat down with Adam Gashlin, 2007 ICPC Rutgers World Finals team member and current IBM employee. He carved out a few minutes from his busy schedule to talk about his experience at the 2007 World Finals, offer tips for this year's class and share how he came to work for IBM from Extreme Blue intern to full-time employee.


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Doug Heintzman: Students Taking on the World

February 9th, 2009 · Comments

Doug Heintzman, IBM's director for business strategy and sponsorship executive for the ACM-ICPC, talked about a few of the most cared about topics by university students and their parents regarding the Battle of the Brains.

He focused on:

  • How business issues are closely related to students in computer science and mathematics
  • How the planet faces daunting infrastructure challenges and what the next generation of problem solvers need to know
  • What skills and capabilities will be employed in the future job market and how it will shape everyday society
  • How to find tremendous career opportunities from growing customer demand for impactful software services such as cloud computing and clever industry solutions
  • And, how to use the ACM-ICPC as a world-recognized qualification to prepare for the job market

Looking ahead to Sweden, Doug discussed an IBM traffic management project undertaken for Stockholm as an example of showing students how technology skills apply to societal issues.

Doug also pointed out that today's generation of problem solvers are emerging from many more countries and not from just a select few. In the 2009 World Finals, he names new participation from countries such as Bangladesh, India, Great Britain, France, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand to complement World Finals regulars like Russia, China, United States, Canada and others.


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ACM-ICPC Contest Discussed at LotuSphere 2009

February 6th, 2009 · Comments

As many of us know, Doug Heintzman, Director of Strategy, IBM Software Group, is also the ACM-ICPC Sponsorship Executive of IBM. He enjoys the competition and meeting so many gifted students.

A long time advocate of social software and business collaboration initiatives, Doug spoke about the trend of information technology and software service when he attended January's LotuSphere 2009, the industry's largest business and social software development event.

In an interview on-site, Doug discussed the global enthusiasm for the ACM-ICPC, meeting the talent of the future and what the ICPC means for them.

Check out what he said:

You'll hear more from Doug next week with our regular podcast interview. Don't miss it!

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President Obama calls on IBM

February 5th, 2009 · Comments

President Barack Obama met with IBM CEO Sam Palmisano and a dozen other CEOs at the White House last week to discuss the economic stimulus package for the United States.

If you want to know how the World Finals relates to the real world, watch or read Mr. Palmisano's remarks. His thoughts could be speaking to you.

Before the official swearing for President Obama, Mr. Palmisano discussed with CNN IT infrastructure and smart solutions.

Look for the podcast interview with Doug Heintzman, Director of Strategy, IBM Software Group, next week.

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