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A Global Roadmap for the Future of IT—Alan Ganek shares his insight with ACM ICPC participants

September 29th, 2009 · Comments

Photo_AlanGanekCasual.jpgLeader in the field of Autonomic computing and award-winning technology expert, Alan Ganek, sat down with ICPC podcast host Amanda Carl to discuss his day-to-day responsibilities and IBM’s commitment to a Smarter Planet. Chief technology officer and vice president for IBM Software Strategy and Technology, as well as IBM’s funding executive for the ACM ICPC, Alan provides valuable insight for Battle of the Brains participants as they prepare for regional competitions throughout the world.

An IBM Veteran, Ganek has more than 16 patents to his name and has been presented with a Technical Emmy Award from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and an Outstanding Innovation award from IBM on behalf of his work on Enterprise Systems Architecture/370 and System/390 Parallel Sysplex Design.

With Regionals already taking place in Asia and abroad, and the first U.S. regional to begin in October, Alan shares his advice on the best ways to prepare for the competition and a future career in technology.


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