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Entries from May 2013

Check Out Our New YouTube Channel!

May 22nd, 2013 · Comments


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Did you know we launched the BrainBattleICPC YouTube Channel this spring? If not, be sure to check it out! We'll be updating it throughout the year with exciting new content involving ICPC and IBM initiatives.

Six videos have already been added to the site:

  • ACM-ICPC IBM Recruitment
    • IBM's sponsorship commitment to the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest is part of a company-wide effort to advance the next generation of technology leaders and problem solvers who have combined skills of computing science and business management.
  • Top Coders
    • Top Coders from across the globe discuss computer programing and their experiences at the IBM-Sponsored ACM-ICPC World Finals.
  • ACM ICPC Finals 2012
    • The ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) traces its roots to a competition held at Texas A&M in 1970 hosted by the Alpha Chapter of the UPE Computer Science Honor Society. The idea quickly gained popularity within the United States and Canada as an innovative initiative to raise the aspirations, performance, and opportunity of the top students in the emerging field of computer science.
  • IBM Mobile Business: More Than Devices, It's The Data Between Them
    • Mobile business is more than devices, it's what you can do with the data in between them. The mobile world is open for business.
  • IBM Social Business: New Ways of Working
    • Social business means new ways of working. It's a production line of knowledge that never stops building. How social is your business?
  • IBM Big Data and Analytics: Make Right Decisions More Often
    • Big data and analytics can help predict trends down to the customer. Sales down to the shelf. What can big data and analytics do for you?

As always, you can visit the IBM website for ICPC news at For the latest ICPC updates, visit the official contest site at And don't forget to follow us on Twitter at!


World Finals Kick-Off: Dr. Bill Poucher Shares Inside Scoop on What to Expect in St. Petersburg

May 21st, 2013 · Comments


The ACM-ICPC didn’t become the world’s largest and most prestigious programming contest overnight. Luckily for us, we had the opportunity to connect with the individual most responsible for the contest’s evolution over the years. Podcast host Yinka Adedeji sat down with ICPC Executive Director Dr. Bill Poucher to give listeners an inside look into what’s in store for this year’s competitors.

Who do you want to take home the Worlds Smartest Trophy? Tell us via Twitter by mentioning @BrainBattleICPC or using the hashtag #ICPC2013!

**Photo credit: Ivan Romanov, Live Journal


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