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Behind the Scenes: IBMers Jeremy Lavergne & Jon Wedaman Talk ICPC Regionals

January 17th, 2012 · Comments

For the first podcast of 2012, we're treating you to a behind-the-scenes look at what - and who - makes our regionals competitions so successful.  Podcast host Christine Guerrini catches up with IBM intern Jeremy Lavergne (bottom, left) about how he got involved as an ICPC regional contest system administrator, as well as what he's working on now with IBM Software Group.  She also gets the inside scoop from former Speed Team member and current IBMer Jon Wedaman (bottom, right) on how his time as a volunteer system administrator helped his programming career.

Visit the World Finals website for the latest on this year's competition and to brush up on practice problems.  Have a fun picture of your teammates?  Tweet us @BrainBattleICPC!

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Catching up with Steve Dale: Life at DEMOCentral and New Recruitment Tips

November 22nd, 2011 · Comments


When we last spoke with Steve Dale, he was on site at the 2011 World Finals in Orlando, Florida.  Now that he’s back at IBM’s DEMOCentral, Steve walks postcast host Amanda Carl through a day in the life of an IBMer and how he’s seen the industry evolve over the past decade.  He also shares fresh insights on what top technology companies are looking for in new recruits.

Check out the ACM-ICPC website for the latest updates on Regionals around the world.  We also love hearing your suggestions for new podcast topics, so give us a shout out on Twitter!



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Let the Battle Begin: Doug Heintzman Kicks Off Regionals 2011

November 11th, 2011 · Comments

Celebrating our fifth year on the web, we’re excited to kick off what we know will be our best season yet.

Today, we dDoug-IBM2011.jpgive into the regionals phase of the competition, which is heating up in almost 90 countries across the globe.  Host Christine Guerrini caught up with podcast favorite Doug Heintzman, Director of Strategy for IBM Software Group and Sponsorship Executive of the ICPC, to relive some of the most exciting moments of World Finals 2011.  New to the ACM ICPC competition?  No problem.  Doug also discusses the competition structure and what teams need to succeed at the regional level.

Check back for more podcasts with all the inside tips and tidbits from contest executives, past World Finals participants, and IT professionals.  You can also brush up on practice problems and follow us on Twitter.



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Inside IBM and the Extreme Blue Program

November 17th, 2010 · Comments

Want to know what it’s really like to work at IBM? Podcast newcomer Chris “Spence” Spencer, a technology strategist for IBM Software Group, takes a few minutes to give podcast host Christine Guerrini the inside story about life as an IBMer. Spence got his first taste of IBM as an Extreme Blue intern in the summer of 2004, while working on his MBA at North Carolina State University. Since then, he’s lent his talents to the ACM-ICPC through IBM’s Academic Initiatives Program and alphaWorks. Spence also fills us in on what it takes to transition from an intern to a full time IBMer, so take notes, students! Don’t forget to check the ACM-ICPC website for the list of teams moving on to World Finals in Orlando.



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A Coach’s Perspective

October 22nd, 2010 · Comments

Borja.jpgAdding a new voice to the Battle of the Brains podcast is Borja Sotomayor, scientific writer at University of Chicago's Computation Institute. Borja joins podcast host Amanda Carl to share his experiences as an ACM-ICPC coach of the University of Chicago team. Originally from Spain, Borja began coaching in 2007. Since then, Borja has successfully taken teams to the World Finals in Stockholm, Sweden in 2009 and last year’s world finals in Harbin, China. What does Borja think it will take to get his teams to the World Finals in Orlando, Florida, this year? Find out in our latest podcast!


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From Now to the World Finals - Doug Heintzman shares his thoughts

October 29th, 2009 · Comments


Doug Heintzman, Director of Strategy for IBM Software Group and Sponsorship Executive of the ICPC took some time to talk with podcast host Amanda Carl about the evolution of the Battle of the Brains. Doug discusses how the competition has increased in size by 800 percent and now reaches 88 countries, including Argentina, Iran, and Cuba since IBM’s involvement. How intense is the competition? Well, Doug answers your questions regarding the types of problems and the rigorous nature of World Finals. He even shares some fun and unique stories from his past visits to World Finals’ events and offers advice for student competitors.

Want to brush up on your problem solving skills? Practice problems are available—so get started on your World Finals preparation!


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A Global Roadmap for the Future of IT—Alan Ganek shares his insight with ACM ICPC participants

September 29th, 2009 · Comments

Photo_AlanGanekCasual.jpgLeader in the field of Autonomic computing and award-winning technology expert, Alan Ganek, sat down with ICPC podcast host Amanda Carl to discuss his day-to-day responsibilities and IBM’s commitment to a Smarter Planet. Chief technology officer and vice president for IBM Software Strategy and Technology, as well as IBM’s funding executive for the ACM ICPC, Alan provides valuable insight for Battle of the Brains participants as they prepare for regional competitions throughout the world.

An IBM Veteran, Ganek has more than 16 patents to his name and has been presented with a Technical Emmy Award from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and an Outstanding Innovation award from IBM on behalf of his work on Enterprise Systems Architecture/370 and System/390 Parallel Sysplex Design.

With Regionals already taking place in Asia and abroad, and the first U.S. regional to begin in October, Alan shares his advice on the best ways to prepare for the competition and a future career in technology.


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2009 Regionals Heating Up

August 28th, 2009 · Comments

Ni Hao! Or for those of you still brushing up on your Chinese for the World Finals in Harbin, hello and welcome back!  As we gear up for the first part of this year’s competition, the 2009 ACM-ICPC Regionals, remember to check the Battle of the Brains page to find updates, podcasts and stories from past participants. The ACM-ICPC and IBM are working diligently to give you the latest contest information, including regional dates, winners and links to other relevant sites.

This year you can also follow us on Twitter, where you will find an open forum of participating students from schools around the world. We expect to kick off the 2009-2010 podcast series in the middle of September by posting an interview with Alan Ganek, chief technology officer and vice president for IBM Software strategy and technology.  Not only is Alan an outstanding scientist with 16 patents, he is the funding executive for the ACM-ICPC.  We’re all very excited to hear Alan’s advice for Regionals preparation and beyond. For those looking for some practice questions, look no further than past brain busters archived on the ICPC web site:

·    2009 World Finals questions

·    2008 World Finals questions

·    2007 World Finals questions

Try out a few of these to get your brain warmed up for the upcoming competition.  Good luck, or hao yun!


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2006 ICPC World Champion reflects on World Finals and IBM Career

June 24th, 2009 · Comments

IBM special guest host, Chris Sciacca sat down with Ivan Romanov, 2006 ICPC Saratov University team member and former World Finals champion. Ivan, a current IBM employee at the IBM Zurich Lab, has been working on Mote Runner, a wireless system network designed specifically to address IBM’s Smarter Planet initiative.

Ivan discusses his preparation for the 2006 World Finals and shares valuable advice for the 2009-2010 competitors as preparation for the fall Regionals gradually creeps up.

Ivan was recently quoted in the Moscow Times discussing his experience.



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Regionals Nearly Over; Schools Praise Students

December 12th, 2008 · Comments

The Regionals are wrapping up around the world this month. The promise of the World Finals will come to 100 teams. Come January when the finalists are revealed, we’ll ramp up the podcasts again.

In the meantime, we’ve seen an overwhelming positive response from all the participating colleges and universities praising their students. Here are links to a few, but if your school did the same, we encourage you the post a comment with a link to the article and share your stories!

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