Battle of the Brains

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IBM’s Doug Heintzman Gets Us Started Off Right

September 12th, 2008

As promised, Doug Heintzman, director of strategy, IBM Software Group and IBM's Sponsorship Executive, spent some time with one of our podcast hosts, Mark Guan, to help get this 33rd year of the competition started.

Doug covered many topics including what teams he expects to reach the finals, what the contest brings to student, what makes the Battle of the Brains unique, and why IBM spends so much time working with students.

Good luck to those students participating in the first 2008 ACM-ICPC Regionals contest tomorrow in the South Pacific.

As a side note, as we build out this Battle of the Brains page, we hope to include more photos and stories to complement the audio podcasts we jump started last year. If you have photos or stories about your team, please send them us.