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Twice is Nice: Two Time World Finalist Timothy Echtenkamp Shares Valuable Lessons Learned

March 15th, 2012

Making it to World Finals once is quite the accomplishment.  Twice?  Even more impressive!

Today, podcast host Yinka Adedeji welcomes one such impressive past contestant:  IBMer Timothy Echtenkamp.  Tim and his teammates from University of Nebraska - Lincoln traveled to World Finals in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2009 and Harbin, China, in 2010.  Tim shares inside tips on how to build a strong team and beat the competition.  Hint: Start early and practice hard.

Tim also tell us about his experience in the IBM Extreme Blue Internship Program, which helped him land his current job as an IBM programmer.

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**We apologize for the glitches in sound quality, due to some recording issues.  Either way, Tim shares some great information. We appreciate your understanding!**


(Tim and his team at World Finals in Stockholm, Sweden)